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Quick Resume

I started my career as a Research Chemist with Beecham Research Laboratories after I graduated from UMIST in 1972. I later returned to the University of Manchester to take a Master's Degree in Computer Science. I joined International Computers Ltd (ICL) in 1974 as a compiler writer first with standard algorithmic languages then onto symbolic languages and AI. Later I went onto applying AI techniques into Application Programming. In 1992 I became self employed specialising in the exploitation of cross platform applications in the windows environments. In 1994 as part of my consultancy and support activities I got involved in ICL's Intranet web services taking over the development of the website and servers then called ITinICLE and have been designing and maintaining web sites and servers ever since.

In 2002 I partially retired from IT services still developing and maintaining web sites for various clients and self employed friends. I now also run a costume hire business called Berenice Stage Costume Hire.

I caught the Ancient Egypt bug from my wife when I took her for a surprise holiday in Egypt. This has lead me to be involved in egyptology including giving presentations to societies and writing a few articles.


Computer Science

I manage and am webmaster for a number of web sites. I pride myself that these web sites only use DHTML and CSS.

In my early days I was a systems programmer - specifically a compiler writer and a co-auther of a book on the Prolog computer language.



I am a fan of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan both as a team and individually. Not being a principal singer I perform enthusiastically in the chorus of the amateur societies and sometimes character parts. I also have a repetoire of comic songs and monologues. 
I also act in a technical role having been stage manager and set designer for various amateur productions, plus the design of posters and other promotional items. 

I am also a member of Yew Tree Singers in Dukinfield Cheshire


Ancient Egypt

I was chairman of Tameside Egypt Group and have written some articles for Ancient Egypt Magazine. I also give talks on Ancient Egypt to other societies and in various libraries. 

Talks on Egyptology

  • Colour in Ancient Egypt Illustrated Talk 
  • Wallpainting in Ancient Egypt Illustrated Talk 
  • Books of the Afterlife Illustrated Talk 
  • Belzoni Multimedia Talk 
  • The Trumpets of Tutankhamun Multimedia Talk 

I have also written a number of articles on Ancient Egypt.