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I written and published articles on Ancient Egypt.


TITLE: Colour in Ancient Egypt

AUTHOR: Reiblein, Alan

PUB. DATE April 2011

SOURCE Ancient Egypt Magazine; Apr/May2011,
Vol. 11 Issue 5, p32

SOURCE TYPE Academic Journal

DOC. TYPE Article

The article examines the colour palette used to decorate ancient tombs and antiquities in Egypt. It mentions that the four basic colours of ancient Egypt are white, black, red, and green, which is translated in Egypt language as hedj, kem, deshr, and wadj respectively. Also discussed is the analysis of the artificial pigments in the Egyptian Blue material created by the ancient Egyptians.



AUTHOR Reiblein, Alan

PUB. DATE February 2013

SOURCE Ancient Egypt Magazine; Feb/Mar2013,
Vol. 13 Issue 4, p16

SOURCE TYPE Academic Journal

DOC. TYPE Article

The article offers the author's insights on the inscription found at the Temple of Sety I in Abydos in Egypt which is the result of an accident. The author says that the original inscription has been re-carved and plastered. He mentions the statement of Sir Isaac Newton on technological capability. He cites the aspects of the ancient body of Egyptian works in the mathematical papyri.