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Talks on Ancient Egypt


I give illustrated talks on Ancient Egypt to other societies and regularly taking part in an annual event of free educational talks at libraries in my local area.


Here is a short voice annotated talk on The History of Ancient Egypt in Six Objects.

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Talks on Egyptology

  • Colour in Ancient Egypt Illustrated Talk
     A walk through the colour science available to the ancient egyptians which continued being in use until the production of synthetic colours in the 1900's .
  • Wallpainting in Ancient Egypt Illustrated Talk 
    Examines the nature, structure execution and symbolism of Egyptian wall paintings with reference to the relationship in time with other neighbouring cultures.
  • Books of the Afterlife Illustrated Talk 
    This talk is a guide through the various texts from Ancient Egypt which make up their belief and concepts of the Afterlife.
  • Belzoni Multimedia Talk 
    A view of Belzoni taken in the context of his own time.
  • The Trumpets of Tutankhamun Multimedia Talk 
    A talk on the classic radio broadcast from Cairo Museum in 1939 when the trumpets of Tutankamun were sounded.
  • The Technology of Ancient Egypt
    Be amazed at the depth of knowledge and technology available to the Ancient Egyptians.

I have also written articles on Ancient Egypt.

Colour in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt Magazine; Apr/May2011,
Vol. 11 Issue 5, p32

Technological Giants
Ancient Egypt Magazine; Feb/Mar2013,
Vol. 13 Issue 4, p16